Saturday, February 12, 2011


I took an online class with one of my favorite 
artists,  Ruth Rae I don`t know why but I love
everythnig she does!  Her work is beautiful 
and so I made this  inspired by her and this
next Love day, it was a lot of fun to make it!

A few scraps left form other projects lying there, 
quietly, loging for a curious heart to put them in 
use and bring beauty to your eyes and a soft smile 
to your heart, waking up your inspiration, these 
are the dreams of fabric and threads...

Stories are build up in their world, in mine, in yours,
the invisible thread that bounds us all can be seen
only with the mind eye, if we just stop and pay attention,
the truth is, we are all LOVE, we are all bounded, 
some are aware, some aren`t just yet...

And what is LOVE?
For each one is different and each one of us finds
 unique places and corners were this LOVE is blooming...

Love is color,
Love is light,
Love is sharing,
Love is what we are.

 Here is the final piece, wanting to tell a story,
about Love, about giving the power of ART to
some fabic and paper scraps...


Nest Love in thy heart
and feel the joy of life! 

Happy Valentine`s day!

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