Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inner dialog

Here is a new experiment with pencil and 
other media, this time after drawing my
beautiful invented girl, I added a little guesso
over the light areas of course letting the back-
ground show wich is a collage of beautiful 
vintage music sheets wich I love!

Then to add a higer contrast I used a black stabilo,
wich I rubb with my fingers and difusses with the
shadows from the pencil already there...

To end it, I added some transparent acrylics around her
to bring color and contrast and some touches in white
to the hair, dots are my favorite way to add sparkles 
around my paintings!  I love sparkles! I just have to 
have them! Have you noticed? :)

After so, following my sewing inspiration at this
time, I wanted to transfer this into my fabric so
I worked on the image in photoshop first,
 printed it on fabric and then sewed it onto another
painted piece and I just love it!

Then I worked on the girl a bit more with some
acrylics and this is the final result wich I think
is gorgeous! What do you think?

I will sell this brand new pieces, I can work 
faster and they can be turned into all kinds of projects
like pillows, hand bags or even frame them as they
are, the only thing is that the maximum size for each 
piece in the center is almost like a regular paper wich is 
8.5 x 11 wich is the maximum size of my printer, I do 
everything my self but hey, isn`t this wonderful?

This are, to me, better than a regular print, for it has 
more hand work on them and that will make each 
piece unique and slightly different, can you make yours...
Yes, of course, but wouldn`t you just love to have
one made by me? :)

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