Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The lady of spring

Spring is getting ready and so is The lady of 
spring, with lots of blooming wishes we have
been aspiring to, for me, is to draw and paint 
a little better each day...

I tried to draw a rose and OMG is hard!
but I`ll keep on trying, it`s just that I never
did it before and so this one it`s not melting
 my eyes but I keep on pushing my self and
 I think that is the only way to step foward,
 to step inn the uncomfortable zone of 
trying the new...

I kow you have been there at some point
and you know it`s not a pleasant feeling, it`s 
mostly painful! But that`s is life, learning,
growing, reaching higher!

How far does one want to go?
Does it even matter?
I think not, it`s just a personal choice,
at the end, we are all the same,
what really matters is how much you and I 
enjoyed the ride!

Let the Lady of spring guide you
to fully bloom your dreams!
 She lives inside your heart, reach for it!
Hands and Heart signature