Friday, February 18, 2011


Yes, she is levitating! But ho, this wasn`t 
on purpose! Lol!
I am experimenting with this new idea of 
making quilted dolls and of course, I
 don`t know everything about it!
I am not new at sewing but totally new
to quilting wich is a whole fantastic world!

Now I know I have to be really careful 
in the placement of the doll when I am 
attaching her to the background!
There most be a trick to that for even though
I pined her, she moved!  Maybe she 
wants to fly!

But I like the way she turned out even 
though she`s not perfectly standing, the
bright colors and the new techniques on
sewing her is giving me lots to experiment 
with! To be honest this wasn`t easy to make
and  it was at times painful!

Some parts of this process were a lot of fun
like the painting but that`s were I have the
most experience with, sewing in a brand new way
is something I have to keep on experimenting!

Isn`t it exciting to find something you like
and be able to explore it and grow with it?
I do love that! :)

This is how she should be standing originally
but I love the naive feel it gives her from being
tilted, what do you think?  Should I crope it and
frame it straight or keep her the way she turned
 out?  Please vote!

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