Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The return of Hands and Heart


Hello! It´s been a while I know but I am ready to share new content that I hope it inspires you, this time with a new artjournal page that I created for the new year but it can be used for any ocassion though.

Before we get started I want to say a few things.  As many of you, I´ve been in shock with what is happening in the world and secluded at home, first of course in wonder of what was going to happen and doing a lot of reflexion and learning from others what was going to be our new way of living.

Since all this started, two years have passed, I thought of coming back earlier but instead I decided I should take this time for myself and learn a few things I wanted since a long time before all this.

How many times do we say -I´ll do it later- and never take on it?  The time never comes but the pandemic gave us that, among other things of course, a lot of time to recapitulate about what we have done and how our lives had been, at least to me, it is crucial that we ask this questions and take perspective and then try to make our lives better and use what ever time we have to improve our lives and maybe other´s as well.

Also, this was a perfect time to learn what we wanted, read those books that have been waiting in the pile, make those cookies you love, watch a lot of videos and Netflix and it was a good opportunity to use this to some kind of renovation.

I went back to my textile studies that I left aside a long time ago, I also kept on studying ilustration and painting of course, I also started making new fabric dolls and try to make them better and making better clothing and also took on embroidery, two years is a lot of time, I went out a few times to visit my family but that´s all and now ´ve learned that is crucial that we take our time more seriously and learn to use it better, sadly they don´t teach you that in school, one has to be alert and recognize what is missing in your life and apply it.

Let´s take on this new artjournal page!

This page was used for my new year´s kind of resolutions or things to work on, I love words and colors and just being creative but you can use this as an inspiration for any kind of ideas you may have.

Do you need help with some ideas? Here are a few:

What you dream about when you are awake or asleep or which are your favorite things in the world, name ten of your favorite words, what are your favorite meals or simply use it for what happened in your day.  I used it for what I wanted for this year, some guidelines into what I will direct my energies and a few words I like, there is more than what I could fit in this page so maybe I´ll do a second page next!

Bring out your favorite colors!

Ok, here is a bit of how it started, a few colors splashed here and there, I knew I wanted some frames for different ideas so I started to paint boxes in different sizes and colors, I used every color I liked, no particular plans on this, just let it all flow... like one of my words in the page.

Then I started to add my first ideas as images, this page wasn´t created in a day, it took me like a week,  I was in my holidays so I had plenty of time, you can do as much as you can in one day, maybe in the mornings and take a break, then rested, come back to it the next day, it will be fresh and new ideas will pop, each day offers new momentums and so you can add new colors, words and images that come to you slowly and playfully. 

I tried to be free, this also shows in my page as words, to be free in your artwork means to be able to express what is in you and what is unique in you so allow it. Also, this will require that you keep experimenting with colors and learn what you like or not, to me, experimenting is the only true way to learn but that doesn´t take away the fun, it adds to it.

In here my page has evolved a bit more, I added more colors on top of what I already had created, bits of contrasts here and there and notice how one is free to keep changing and trying things...

Next, notice how I didn´t fit the word inside the box, this to me,  is also part of the meaning of the word, this is my page and I flow braking the ¨rules¨ as an artist, I give myself permission to brake the rules of what I am supposed to do right and sometimes I love the results even more.

Next I started to use my white pen to add some accents and contrasts from what was bellow and this to me, makes it look like sparkles in the sky! I used black first in some areas too but the white made it all come together and super fun! 

I liked the idea of adding words inside the big black word, I wrote about what it means to me to flow, journaling gives a great opportunity to brake down in deep what the words mean, to me is delicious to dig deep into the meaning of words, one learns more and this is a great way to add to your journaling!

Did you enjoy this? I really hope so!  Have a cup of your favorite beverage, hot or cold depending on were you live and gather your art tools to have some fun time in the studio, it´s super relaxing and fun! 

If you ever want to share with me your page, you may send me an email or share it on my facebook page, links are in the column up here!

By the way, happy new year!  a bit late I know but it´s my hope that we all are better this year, may all things start to be better for you and yours and for the world and nature. Much love... Moni.

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