Monday, March 7, 2022

Julieta art doll & how I created her

Hello, my name is Julieta, I am an art doll, created with fabrics, my body is of
new cotton fabric and my clothes are recycled, my hair is white because I love 
representing what is pure inside me with it but I am still jung!  I love spring for 
I was born in the first days of it, in México city, were I was made, it´s already spring!

My mom loves trying new techniques with each of her daughters, she couldn´t have
any children so I know each of her doll daughters are special to her and so she dedicates
a lot of effort and learning with each.  Here is a bit of how I was created, I´m sure mom
will share more in upcoming posts!

My face was attached to my body after needle sculpting my face.

Ideas to cover my head with some hair and a band but I told her I 
wanted some flowers!

After mom gave me a face with warm colors, I am waiting here
patiently and excited to see what my hair will look like!

My dress is made of two pieces, one small blouse and one large skirt, 
all in flowers like I wanted!

We went to the garden to pick up some cotton flowers for me!

Visual recap!

And here I am, all ready to go visit your home!  Mom gave me 
a bag to bring some books and a journal for my travels and added lots of flowers
to my head and hand which I love!

I have cute little shorts and boots for my delicate feet, they can
be removed but I prefer to have them on.

I´m ready for my travel to stay with you! You can pick me up at the train station 
or I can come to your home by myself, you just gotta let me know were it is in the shop 
 I hope to see you soon and thank you for visiting, come back soon! 

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