Friday, January 11, 2019

Art Journal workshop

I love sharing my ideas and what I find in my creative investigations,
I believe it´s part of my soul calling or purpose!  Most of the time I play
with those ideas once or twice and then move to the next find, that is
why I should share them, for others to enjoy of them and play with them.

I am celebrating 1000 followers on my Instagram with this workshop,
I hope you enjoy it!

I once learned about the citrasolve and magazines to create beautiful new
backgrounds from Misty Mawn, one of my favorite artists, I couldn´t find 
the liquid in my country so I couldn´t try the lesson at that time but having 
a little free time for playing in the studio these days gave me the idea of using 
sandpaper to remove the background of a page and use it for my art journal.

I used soft sandpaper, a very fine grade so I wouldn´t break the paper.

I randomly looked for a page that would click with me, I haven´t buy any
magazines for a very long time so I used one that has been on my bookshelf 
for some time just waiting to be called.

This gave me the idea of using it to write about the books I am reading now
so I loved it!  I glued the page with gloss medium, you can use matte
medium or even some regular white glue! 

Here is my page glued after sanding the background out! I used the
roller to flatten the page, many air bubbles want to stay there! ^_^


A close up on the page, see the air bubbles?  
I am happy with some living there :D

Then I added transparent guesso for I wanted to draw and write on the page.

I added some paint after having some ideas on what I wanted, you can always
change your mind about the design, the colors or else!

This is my final result after playing with colors and my charcoal pencil, 
between sips of soft coffee and writing on some other journal, the idea of
what you plant in your mind through what you read and watch on tv or 
movies came to me, it is important to have a filter for it all goes into 
your subconscious!  

Learning to have fun with your artwork is important, what you learn 
from it becomes part of you and you take it to other kinds of work, it 
helps you evolve and playing time is nurturing and self love so I really 
encourage it!

I hope you try these ideas and have fun with them, it´s a great experience
to be able to share with you and thank you to all those who write to me and
share a bit about you, that is what the internet is for, connecting! 

Much love and gratitude!

Materials list:
 soft sandpaper with a very fine grade
Art journal for mixed media
gloss or matte medium
paints, choose three or four colors
I used:
 burnt umber
titanium white
cobalt blue
neutral grey
quinacridone nickel azo gold
Charcoal pencil


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