Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hola 2019!

Hola new year! So many ideas for you and so happy to live through you
at this special time in human history!  It´s wonderful to be part of you and
I thank you for what you allow me to be, say and do through you!

As usual, I am trying to evolve, to grow, to reach higher. 
This time I am doing it by surrendering to my higher guidance, 
I always think I am doing it just to learn that I can stretch a bit 
more and that it never ends, there is always more to surrender, 
more to grow, to observe and learn.

New work from my new cycle, I´ve been doing this since my birthday, 
December 26th if you are interested or if you want to send me a gift! :D

Some people want me to explain my work to them, the meaning of each painting,
no, I am sorry, I don´t do that, the message is for you to receive in private, I don´t 
want to contaminate you with my ideas, be open to them and listen to what it has 
for you.

Follow my Instagram for more photos!

Happy new year and may God bless you!
Much Love form Hands and Heart!

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