Friday, November 3, 2017

Dia de muertos 2017

Acrylics on 10" x 14" artist panel

At this time of the year, many altars are put to welcome tourists from
all over the world and is a feast for the eyes in museums, restaurants and
public places, I had a great time visiting a few!

In another tone, I though a lot about what it means to be Mexican
and how my culture influence me so deeply in how we perceive life
 and death, we consider an after life as part of a cycle.  Although there is 
no scientific proof that this is real, many people feel this to be true.

I am one of those, I like to believe, it brings hope, and encouragement, 
it makes life an adventure and less scared of what is coming after it.

Los muertos se van al olvido,
aquellos que son amados viven en el corazón.

 "Recordando a mis muertitos"
Acrílicos sobre panel artistico
27 x 35 cms

Por fin llegué al Chahuistle, lo conocí y comí en el! :D 
(personal Joke) 

I recently visited the city of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende 
a true paradise for someone like me, beautiful houses, people, fresh 
air, delicious food and a lot of art!  A feast for the artist so my muse 
was very well fed and it promises to last for a while!

I also have been visiting museums in my city, and this post is about all of that,
I hope you enjoy my eclectic tastes and flavors, creations and thoughts! ;D

Que habita en el corazón?

Los latidos de la vida,
el potencial, 
el querer seguir adelante,
el verbo vida
y la fuente fuerza,
la sangre y la serenidad,
la suficiencia del ser,
el poder de estar,
el yo soy.

Can you say time has found you?
Reach you?
Win over you?
Do you still have time?
Is time unfair?
All things vanish in time...
Time is money...
I never have the time to...
I wish I had the time to...

Our beliefs.

The view from were we stayed was superb so I had to take a 
few moments to enjoy it and paint it, this time used watercolors
and pen, the last day was super cold!

This two color pages are for you to enjoy, simply right click
and download, print and color in your favorite mediums! 
They are my drawings and I hope you enjoy them.

My band Livelula has a song about the day of the dead,
"Calaveras"  "Skulls"

A few art journal pages 

Mexico has many beautiful places yet to be discovered, it is my hope to 
be able to travel more and visit them, embrace the knowledge hidden in
the faces of those who have lived a long life and learn more about the history 
of the places that so commonly repeats.

It is also my hope to keep sharing with you.
Thank you for visiting! ;D

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