Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Watching the Christmas tree lights and drinking 
a sweet Mexican oatmeal and chocolate atole, 
to me, it is the perfect morning for this holidays.

if you want to try making some atole, here is one recipe,
I just added chocolate to mine, yum!

What can be grater than love and consciousness?
Love for the world, for life, for all beings.
Consciousness= to expand.

Knowing about real love, is knowing the truth about your self,
about who you are and it means that you are awake, 
and you also know that there is a reason for you to be here, 
in this world, now.

All that drifts from there can only be good, to live a happy life, 
growing more but with a grater purpose, with confidence 
and peace, with the knowledge that everything you do is well 
done and that the world around you is at peace because you 
are at peace, yes, that is our power, we can embed
the world with our peace and make it harmonious,
 it is a choice but for that we have to do it consciously,
 one has to learn to be like that before giving it,
 it is not possible to give something you haven´t gained.

There will always be things to overcome, those things are part
of our process, without them, it would be harder to learn and
 grow, gain, so we most thank for those things too, 
consciousness always wins for you learn form every 
experience, you just have to be willing to catch the lesson.

This journal page is to say thanks to the universe for all those
beautiful things in my life, a gratitude letter to life, as each light is
hanged on the tree, there are many things one can be grateful for!

I felt like using watercolors for this season, it´s been a long
time I haven´t and  love them so much!

My band and I created this Christmas song last year,
I want to share it again with you in this post, I hope you enjoy!

"Angels of the light"  

I also carved some Christmas stamps, this
time I went for lines and keeping the negatives 
as part of the design, this is much easier
 than removing it!
Remember there is a full carving
 tutorial  for you to try wit friends and or family!

May you and your loved ones
be blessed and happy,
healthy and prosperous,
thank you for sharing
this incredibly special 
journey called life with me.

Merry Christmas! 

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