Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Welcome winter

It is that beautiful time of the year when leaves are falling and it's getting chilly, 
when our souls are preparing to close the cycle and when we should close to 
the outer world, keep the warmth in and enjoy of the harvest of our duties, either
good or bad, we will sure always learn something and we should be grateful
because of that, we grow larger in experiences and understanding and 
that is priceless. At least I appreciate it.

I've been doing a lot of illustration lately, my love for drawing wants to grow,
maybe I should feed it and see were it goes. As an artist you need 
to have a lot of new ideas constantly and you will have to do what it
 takes to create them, developing your style, your self, is a long term job 
and perhaps you will never be completely original, specially now 
with the openness of the web, you find out there is someone else
doing what you do but better and  you can only try to do your best 
and keep going.  

I am grateful for those who like what I do and somehow help me
keep going, thank you, I hope you enjoy this new work!

We can use our power to love or to destroy but what we do, we do it to
our selves for we are one and we will always pay the price for using it,
this is just consequence. 

If you focus on the shadow, you become the shadow,
if you find the beauty in all there is, you become that,
for what you think and perceive is who you are.
This is your state of consciousness.

Love is never out, it is in the heart of those who live it.

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