Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to difference a dream from what you are living?

Some days one maybe daydreaming and fall in love with that vision, 
it's curious how one can really believe in something, believing is 
powerful, you work hard for what you want but there are some 
visions that will stay blurry for different reasons and it's wise to
 let go of those so you can focus on the here and now and live 
without carrying more than what we can bare, life should be as 
easy as possible and only us can help our lives to keep them
 simple by letting go of the things that can't be now.

We are continuously shaping our lives, trying our best, it's something 
you own to your self if you want to grow, to live better.  To me, 
life should keep adding quality and happiness, otherwise you are just 
in standby, for this, you have to constantly observe your life and 
feelings, what is good for you and what you want at the moment,
 this keeps changing and hopefully upgrading, let us keep the real 
and let go of what hurts, for if it hurts, it isn't part of the truth.

Daydreaming turned into flight,
the flight became lonely,
lonely is killing the dreamer,
the dreamer longs to kiss.

Life is too short to spend it wandering,
I need certainty in my daily coffee,
to be naked at the core
maybe to cold to bare.

Love is grand and will always be,
safe deep in the heart closet,
it might be awakened 
one beautiful day of eternity.

And I cling into doubt 
in the search of my name,
maybe life is to cry,
maybe it is to recognize 
yourself free.

Higher, into the spiral,
higher into the mind,
the secrets of the heart,
the shapes of the heart.

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