Thursday, December 31, 2015

New dreams, new life, new goals!

New and bright, warm and peaceful, focused and tender,
that is how I am setting my intent for this year, so much to do it's hard to 
decide were to begin but that is good, if you have so many dreams too, it
means that you are healthy, alive and that you haven't quit yet, is the sign of
a spirit that is strong and wants to keep going.

I hope we keep up with our dreams, that we stay motivated and happy, 
motivation has to be updated often by ourselves, do not wait for it to come 
as some kind of mystic force, find those places, people and things you like 
or that you want to be and make a list, (you can use your art journal like me) 
make it attainable and also add those wonderful things you already are 
and have gained, it's very, very easy to forget about them and I am sure there 
are many wonders in your history that have helped you get here, specially
those you think are bad things, usually those things are the triggers that changes
the paradigms in our lives and bring lessons, those I´ve learned to treasure
for it is then when I learn and grow but we live in a culture were this things
are not considered as part of life, they are simply not observed and put 
into shadow, in some severe cases, we fall into the victim state but life 
can´t be wrong, there is more to it but only if you are willing to awaken you 
will learn to accept those gifts as a very important part of this journey.

Keep dreaming, 
of life, 
of the stars,
venture in trust,
seek higher,
climb knowledge...

Keep wondering,
find truth,
 and yourself,
remove the veil,
find god,
master the journey.

Above all, remember that happiness is not something that
comes from the outside world, only you, yourself have that 
power, you create it for yourself. 

 Think of this things, if needed, regain your power.


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