Thursday, January 14, 2016

We are blessed.

Are you the kind of artist that have many ideas in your 
mind that never get done?
I usually have tons and it´s hard to keep up with them
maybe because I like having continuity but I decided
that I can try a few just for the pleasure of having the experience
and maybe that will keep adding to my multiple abilities, I don´t
have to be an expert on everything I try!!  Lol!

Yes! I give my self permission to have fun trying new
things and explore other ideas and while doing it, I will
live in joy knowing that I am learning and expanding.

Why not try something new this year?
Try those things I´ve always wanted but 
have put aside to do others, if not now, when?
This is me thinking about so many things  like and I
think I´ll try a few this year and of course I will
share them with you!

The first one is a little book were I am doing a quick
journal page a day using collage and so many cute things from
the scrapbook store, I collect them obsessively and this time 
I will put them to a good use before they get too old or get 
wasted being under so many other stuff!

Here is what I used to make this cutie:

3 watercolor paper sheets
3 fine cardstock sheets
3 hand made paper sheets

They pages were divided in half, cut and folded, my signatures
are one of each of the folded parts, they aren´t sewed yet
so I can work freely and easier, the sewing will come at the end
but I can keep adding to the book this way! 

vintage papers and images
my own images printed
magazine cut outs
rubber stamps
scraps of old works
 pens watercolors
 acrylic paints
scrapbook papers
hand painted papers

I think mostly everything I find in my studio will be 
part of this book!  This are truly mixed media and
I use anything that comes to my mind or that I see in my 
stash, then, I use this pages to add thoughts and words but you could
add just about anything, dates
poems, quotes, songs, lists, letters and anything you feel like!

Here are a few I have completed so far.

Of course my other loves will keep showing up, there is no way
I will stop, music, art and life, cooking, love, writing,
there is so much to life to be explored, what is your heart bumping for?

Live, enjoy, smile, life is a blessing, 
getting old is a blessing
not many are able to enjoy, having the 
time to do the things you love
is a blessing, having the tools to make 
delicious food is a blessing,
having a hot bath is a blessing, having 
friends and family is a blessing, 
having electricity is a blessing, being able 
to walk, to breath, to see the sunset
are blessings, being able to share is a blessing,
count your blessings!

That could be a good theme for a book! :)
Much love... Moni.

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