Friday, January 22, 2016

Studio renovation and give away

I decided to give my studio a full, deep clean up,
it was hard and tedious, almost lasted a week,
in the beginning I was super excited by my idea,
ho yes, let´s do this!
In the middle of the job I was frustrated and tired,
so much to decide, what to keep, what to throw,
what goes were?
This was decided after planing on what I will do
this year, it all comes to more love to my self, more
play time, enjoy and do things with meaning to me and my
heart, more softness so everything is at hand,
 easy to grab, harmonious, clean and abundant.

At the end I felt like that time when you have a long warm bath,
renovated, clean, everything ready to face a new journey,
ho yes!! What a great feeling and how wonderful to
accomplish a task till the end!
Yay for me!!

Now it´s all play time! Here are more pages of my little book
I´m creating which I post everyday in my Instagram if you are
interested in daily inspiration just follow!

 I just feel so happy that people are liking them, honestly,
I thought it was going to be a project for my self
alone but it seams that many like this kind of work and
nothing makes me more happy! :D

I´ve manage to paint a little, practicing and
some days I feel  I am finally loosening up,
it´s been a long time dream, maybe, maybe,
I am getting there but if not, it is ok,
that will come and I know I don´t have
to like every piece I create, part of the process
is to have mistakes and make awful stuff too,
how else would you learn?

Down below are a few scraps, hand painted papers,
stickers, vintage photo copies and more, it´s a little
something I want to share with you, just leave a
comment bellow and I will choose a number
with as usual, I hope you like the
little goodies I will send you and hope you create
and have some fun with that!

This song is awesome,
if you want to dance a little
just hit play!!

Lyrics are fabulous, and the video,
ho God! I love it!
Here are a few frases
I´ve chosen from it,
I might use them in my journaling.

Turn your magic on
We are legends every day
Everything you want´s a dream away
Under this pressure, under this weight
We are diamonds taking shape
Only I own me
I feel my heart beating
´cause I´m alive again


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