Saturday, October 3, 2015

As the new beginning unfolds...

Hello! Waving at you from the beautiful riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen, this place has changed so much since my last visit maybe ten years ago, it used to be so small and local and now is a tourism emporium with many tourists from around the world, actually there are so many it's really hard to believe it's low season, people keep walking by 5th avenue, the principal street were all the vendors are, including my brother, this is were I am also attempting to get started here, selling my art and crafts little by little.

My brother sells skulls and catrinas and I have been asked to create the same theme in order to fit the shop and so I have to make a lot of those, a different way for me to work but I am open to learn and make it work.  I usually work in doors for it is really hot outside but it's fun to be right there in the shop working as people walk by and see you creating right there, they get excited to watch the artists and this helps selling, this experience is teaching me a lot, so many things one can't realise other way, by going through this I can see so much although is not the firts time I deal with a store like this, I used to have one in Mexico city a long time a go for the Christmas season, sold everything faster than I could produce and it's fun and interesting to deal with so many complements and critiques wich helped me grow.

The beach is beautiful, so calm some days, it feels like a natural pool, no waves, it's wonderful to be able to escape there during the week at any given moment 'cause it's just a few blocks from were I live, I go there to collect new thoughts, draw or listen to my favorite music with the company of a wonderful peaceful view, a great breeze and seaguls.

Soft far away song,
the ocean whispers,
the promise of tenderness,
foresight of waves kisses,
dazzling illusion,
veiled reflections of the sun,
in love with seduction
bait for my vulnerable,
a net of longing,
for tales of untold stories,
and I will fall deep
as the new moon
into the arms of the unkown,
and I will cry dreams
as we bloom
into the light of our truth.

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