Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Good bye Mexico city

I need softness,
a breeze of light,
your embrace,
your eyes,
so I can breath,
so I can stand.

In a world of demands
love is delight,
unseen paradise,
a source, a path,
were fear dies.

I am but a drop in the ocean,
deep in madness,
trying to shine,
swim out of ignorance,
and see the source,
be with it one.

I am ready to move, I am scared but I trust in my decision,
It's been hard to leave behind some much of my studio, I am so
used to it but it's also a good exercise, to change, to learn to 
let go and move forward, travel light, only the necessary or 
is it the most treasured?  It was interesting to take note on
 what was left but then, things are only things, always replaceable.

I hope you'll send me blessings in my new journey, it's a new
beginning, a crazy thing to do for a regular lady with my age but 
was never a regular lady, always changing, ever growing, 
an adventurer and after a few years of static, I need movement.
Some of my friends are commenting me how they wish to be like me,
maybe, I am in their lives to be a mirror as they are in mine and
to show other possibilities, none is better, none is wrong or right,
it all has to do with what you want and who you want to be.

Next week all will be sand, sun and ocean breeze... accommodating.
Just all I need, thank you universe for helping me get there
so easily and in such a peace, my consciousness is of happiness.

This is a treasure that came home just in time before I leave,
chocolates and art, this book is awesome and it's in Dutch, 
so I think I have to learn a little if I want to read it! Lol!
Truly inspiring, most of the pictures, if not all of the them are of this wonderful 
artist work, I should make a study on one, try and see through his eyes, his heart,
 I know, I am ambitious as usual.


Oil on canvas

Acrylics on canvas 39" x 39"

I reopened my Etsy shop,  I appreciate you
 taking a look and see if you connect with some of my art. New pieces 
from the new place for sure will come, there will be new inspiration! 

  Thank you for visiting! Love and blessings.

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