Friday, September 4, 2015

Generate more creativity in your life.

To me, being an artist has made me develop an interesting side of my personality, 
maybe you can track it as well in your self and that is to be able to solve problems.  
This is something that keeps showing up when we are working on a piece, either it is 
how to make the painting work in a specific surface or which mediums will go 
better with the emotion and how to solve all the little problems that come up while 
you are working on your piece, endless tiny problems to be solved and tons of 
decisions have to be made at the moment in order to achieve a final work that 
pleases us.  It is said that what we do often becomes a habit, this way of working
 in art for me, came as an extension to other areas of life.

Maybe it´s something that is part of my personality and that I developed
 even more being an artist and it may be something you want to focus on. 
 I believe that the ability to come up with solutions is creativity, it doesn´t matter in 
which area you use it, you are still developing it.  Let it be more consciously done.  
Again, changing is the key to activate your creativity.

Here are some more new ideas on how to apply change into your life, this time we 
will focus on making art, if you have been looking for improvement and haven't
 been able to do so, I think you will benefit on taking this to practice.
For a better result, keep doing it for a while until a change is achieved.

I keep on evolving and changing a lot but that is who I want to be, please take
 what you find useful from my ideas and see how you can implement them in 
your own way of doing it. It is my hope that some light enters
your mind and you grow.

Use your left hand to create

My exercise this week was to switch hands for drawing, I am a right handed so 
I used the left, it was a challenge at the beginning but then after a while when 
I warmed up a bit, it became super fun, actually, I loved it!  Why?  
Because the line is so loosen, something I have been after for a long, 
long time and yes, I have tried this before but this time something clicked 
on me, what?  I think it was the loss of fear of doing it wrong which is also a
struggle I see in many of my students.  As grown ups, we do not want to
 be judged  or make mistakes, society has pushed us against the wall of don´t
you dare failing and actually made us static, no grown up lets go in my
class until after a while of me pointing it so, some haven´t even accomplished
 it yet and for me, it is the same, I don´t want to let go of "perfectionism"
and this means in my mind doing it the same way I have and know
it is accepted.

How are we gonna improve if we keep doing it the same way?  It is no
possible for a new form to emerge that way!  Logic, yes, applied?
I don´t know! Let´s find out by trying it.

 So I did, the pencil line, the pen line and some shading with my
left hand, after a while shading I found no point on keep doing it, you
are not doing it differently so I changed back to right hand, if you
find it a good exercise I encourage you to keep shading
with your non usual hand!

Tips on using your non usual hand:

Go slow.
Go steady.
Practice before the actual work.
Move the paper if needed to 
accommodate the hand better.
Use what works already when you draw normally.
Think of it as if you were using your 
regular hand, don´t add additional fear 
by thinking it is super hard.

If you are not an artist and find this interesting, I advice you try and use 
your non prominent hand in other daily tasks and see how this changes 
your perspective and brings up new awareness, like opening the door,
inserting the keys, grabbing the spoon, etc.,  the point is to shake up 
your comfort zone, you are so used to do things in one way that you 
no longer are fully present, changing your perspective could bring up
 more freshness to your life and therefore more creativity.

My completed work with my left hand, I love it!
I will use my left hand more often from now on!

Commission work under the beautiful words by my muse,
  Mr. Roland Orzabal from his hit song "Brake it down again"
(which is the video up here).
The words are:
"They make no mention of the beauty of decay"
The process taught me a lot and I hope to share more of it in another post.

Today is my fourth week jogging, I never done this before
except for when I was little at school competitions, it´s something
I wanted to give it a try to implement a change in my daily routine, at 
the beginning was hard but now I am enjoying it, I love the fresh air 
specially when it rained the night before, (it`s been raining 
daily and badly for some time now at night)
I love when the sun is starting to evaporate the drops in 
the grass and breath them, I found a new place near were I live,
all is being renovated now but it´s perfect, they even have a 
water park with pools and games, tennis courts and the jogging
track, even exercise equipment all free! Yay, lucky me!

I have a Pinterest wall on smoothies for your mornings here!

I decided I am moving to the beach for a while, I need to be away, 
alone and disconnected from the city, well, actually I will 
be with my brother, I want to view a new horizon in my life,
time to make a big change!  I will start posting from there next! Yay!

Every star, every soul is born 
with the purpose of witnessing
this cosmic event called love, 
in it´s many forms,
inside out, superfluous or deep,
from a distance or by burning on it,
or by burning on it from a distance.

I created new music, hopefully I will share it soon, I feel something
made an upgrade inside me as a song writer, it´s like a gift from above
after so many callings from my soul, grateful.

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