Sunday, August 9, 2015

Embracing change

Art has saved and restored me in many ways. It is amazing how some simple tools like a pencil, a piece of charcoal and a paper can become a wonderful time with your self, a meditation process, a time to be with your self alone.  Over the years I can see how if you keep going you keep adding to your skills and how rewarding it is, yes, we all hear about practice makes perfect but there are things that really get into you by going through them, this is one of those for me.  This is experience, an invaluable jewel, It takes discipline and stamina to reach your goals but if you have one, you are already halfway there, the rest will be easy if you love what you do.

Light is knowledge in your consciousness not a mystery only a few glorified far land people from the past has gathered, illumination is not for gurus alone, it can be attained there, in common life, actually, that is our job, evolution is slow but it's not free, it has to be first longed for then, worked for, study for it until you find how it works for you, for each is different, then it's practiced until is gained and it´s a never ending story for everything keeps changing, you are your only true teacher, guru, guide.  It's a mistake to wait for knowledge, you have to get it.

Bring to your experience the things that will help you get were you want and stop using excuses as age, money or whatever your favorite excuse is to not be were you want, change is hard because if it is a big one, we get scared and then we hide in our comfort zone, for me, it has helped me taking small steps, one day at a time, variation even in the smallest areas of your everyday life will start to train you, you will start to make change into a habit, this applies in art, in your self, in life.

Change is an important part of our lives, the funny thing is that before it, we resist it fiercely but then when we dare to do it, we feel great, as if a load has been relieved, removed, healed.  you are actually very happy.  I believe the need to change is a call from your soul wanting to grow, when we feel the need to change, is our inner guidance telling us what has to be done and resistance is only fear that it will come out wrong, it´s some part of you that does not trust in this voice or is afraid of loosing something or afraid of the pain resulting form this, we can´t loose anything, only gain, you see, life is a spiritual experience, spirituality is a spiral, and this is always going upwards and we will always come to a point were resistance will brake and we´ll have to embrace change either in a good way or painfully for change is inevitable, it is our nature, just look around and see how everything is changing, is an illusion that we can stay in the same place or be who we have been, change is who we are.

Life is awesome, while we change and grow we 
get to enjoy of so many wonders.

One of my favorite dishes is this traditional Mexican brunch, it is tortillas with green sauce and chicken fajitas, fried beans with sprinkled cheese and some cream, cafe de la olla, which is ground coffee grains boiled with piloncillo and cinnamon, the cup is hand made of red clay which has been very popular in Mexico for a long time.  The other dish is scrambled eggs with Mexican chorizo and tomato sauce with some boiled beans, this can be spice or very hot, accompanied with tortillas or bread.

This is my Pinterest wall about traditional Mexican food if you want to try a few recipes, only real Mexican recipes are collected here for I see many others over the web that are just inspired in but not the real thing. I know some ingredients can be found only in Mexico but maybe you get very close.
Mexican food is super extensive, not even being a Mexican growing up in Mexico I have been able to try all the dishes there are and I am very proud to share that is considered as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

This restaurant is a favorite, I love the colours and simple furniture and food is always great! I usually wear my reboso, it works as many things too, like a scarf, beach wrap and more.

Hand made tortillas made right at the moment, take a look!
Un vídeo publicado por Monica Zuniga (@handsandheart) el

there is you within you,
faith is power,
you are an ocean of  love.
Stop the world 
and look inside,
greatness is who you are,
a blooming spirit of light.

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