Monday, July 20, 2015

Embrace your imperfection.

Truth, what is the truth?
Some believe that it is relative, that one may have a different "truth" than others. Life couldn't be what is if it weren't based on something real, something true. It couldn't be based on something so chagable in order to accommodate everyone's convenience. But like science, each part of the truth is being discovered one step at a time, of course those interested in finding it will get there sooner.

I believe one keeps adding knowledge to what you understand about life and this will be always evolving, in accordance, one experience a better life, better emotions and is closer to the real truth.  My vision of the truth is one of pure love, not only the kind of men and woman love but a force that has been attached with many names and images, god. My teacher says that falling in love with someone is the initiation to knowing love, a first approach in life to this force but that real love, the love that embraces everything and everyone is grater as infinite is.  It most be, this force is not personal, is of the spirit and goes beyond what we can perceive now with our limited experience of it being a single human, we can only share and perceive a portion of that which is pretty awesome. Can you picture the whole picture for a second? Can you stand still and focus on the truth that is all? expand your consciousness by thinking about this often... 
Be love, share love and act with love pure.

Embrace your imperfection, 
there is yet eternity to unfold.

There will be a time when we understand our true nature,
when we won´t refrain love because we are afraid of it or
because it became personal or limited, real love embraces everything, one day, the wings of it will take us 
into it´s flight and there will be no return.
When our barriers will fall forever and we´ll be naked 
being this force alone for there is nothing else.
Beware, that is your destiny and everyone´s.

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