Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mixed media magnets tutorial

Hello dear friends, I have been busy making some new magnets
but this time I took some photos to share with you the process
which I hope you enjoy, they are really easy, perhaps you think
not but I assure you they are, just follow the steps and as usual,
practice a few times and you´ll soon be able to even sell them if 
you want!  Enjoy!

Materials list:

wooden blocks, mine measure 2 1/2" x 2" (Use what you have)
white guesso
Favorite colors of acrylic paints, 
in this case I used Amsterdam and Phebeo Studio
Heavy gel medium I used Amsterdam
Soft gel medium I used glossy by liquitex
Digital collage sheets, find some here
(look for small items that could fit in your magnets)
(found in crafts stores)
tiny golden and silver stars, flowers, etc... 
Words cut outs form books
Acid free crystal lacquer I use this one by Sakura
Brushes, water etc...

I buy the wood blocks sanded and with a coat of guesso, this takes 
away the unwanted part of the process, just ready to create! 
I go to my local carpenter and order what I want exactly but 
perhaps you can make them your self or find something else instead. 

I add a coat of ochre yellow paint, notice how I add texture in different ways.

I also have my digital collage sheets printed in advance, 
I just go through what I have and choose my favorites.
Cut the shapes sharply!  It will be a finer finish if you do a delicate
cut, no image should show any white paper in the corners.

Here is a couple of my images for you to use in your creations,
(personal use only, thank you!) Just click on the images, download 
and print in a regular size paper, I use a good quality for better results!

Work a few magnets with collage, arrange the papers as you like best,
move them around to see what clicks on you!

I also use my own work, I make my own collage sheets with my whimsical
characters, perhaps is something you want to consider to be unique.

Use your soft gel medium to glue the papers and add a coat on top, let dry.

Using small stamps and paint, you can add interest to your design, 
notice I also work on the sides.

You should have something like this so far...

With some heavy gel medium attach the magnets on the center of the back,
I used to paint the back too but not anymore, as you prefer!  The medium takes
a couple of hours to dry, time to go out and have some lunch! :)

Add some words in a few of your magnets and then
this last part is when you add some sparkle on top of them!  

I love everything shiny!  Add a coat of soft gel medium somehow 
generous and sparkle the stars and glitters were you want them, be
careful not to cover the faces or anything you want to show!

When the medium is completely dry, add a coat of the
acid free crystal lacquer to cover everything, it will take a few
hours to dry, I usually let it dry overnight. 

You could also use a varnish to seal everything. 

That´s it! See? it´s easy! Now go make some and have lots of fun! :) 


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, share with your friends
and family some wonderful pieces you create! 
Thanks for being here!

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