Saturday, September 21, 2013

Persistence makes the difference!

Only persistence will make you a better artist,
I can`t see any other way, there are no short cuts
to draw or paint better, at least, they are nor given to 
me or they aren`t obvious to me!  So how do you 
grow up in any field?  You focus, you pursuit, you
insist,  you learn and study and repeat until you master! 
This, may take a long time but that`s why is important
to be true, so you find your self doing what you love
and when you look back to your past, you will
see that you`ve been happy over your life.
This, I believe, will avoid any regrets!

This week I have moved to pastels and I think
they come easy to me, I can`t say why although I know
I still have a lot to learn but it`s a soft medium, 
easy to handle,  some of my class mates don`t 
like them, I guess it has to do with the mess,
I would like to learn more about them, maybe
later I will find a new teacher who`s a master 
on them or online classes, do you know any?

I feel I am growing to were I want,
It`s hard to explain but it`s a place were
there is certainty, were I can finally sit
and just enjoy the process and allow 
inspiration to flow, it`s a good feeling,
I thought I would never feel it but it
is there, practice is taking me there,
study and hard work is giving me
wings, it`s finally getting easier to fly!

Keep going,
keep trying,
but try the new,
let it flow,
let it come,
but find the good,
be brave
and dare
to dance
your own song.