Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pencil, pastels and fabric, altered books, all in one week!

This week practice included lots of pencil drawing and as
I commented you earlier, a live model! To me it was the
first time I did this and although I didn`t know what to expect,
it was fun, hard, interesting, frustrating and I`ve learned so much
about it, I am glad I did it, I still have a lot to learn but that`s what
makes art so interesting and you never stop learning until you say so!

The live model had to change every five minutes, sometimes just
in one so one has to learn to be quick and precise, this is the hard part!

To fix or not to fix, that is the big question!

This doll was made with pastels, and I loved the hair, that
color makes it super shiny and so I was super disappointed 
when my teacher at school decided to fix it!!  The result is
so much more opaque and so I don`t like it anymore...
I guess this is how on learns, sometimes, the hard way!

What do you think?  Do you use fixative (which one) or just 
frame it  between glass?  If you sale a piece do 
you let the buyer know it`s not fixed?  So many questions! 
 Thank you for your input here!

Before fix 

After fix

My live sessions are coming a long, we really have tons of fun, 
I loved it and I hope to make more students happy!  I just wish 
I had a bigger space now but it all comes in the right time so
for now I will enjoy this new area of my life!

New kitties inspired on this kitty, one of my pins over my art dolls
wall in pinterest!  I just love them, they are so soft and cozy
and they are made out of recycled stuff I have been collecting,
so much to do, so much inspiration, it`s hard to keep up 
with my self! Even for me!  Lol!


  1. Amazing love that u are enjoying this new path it's wonderful work and can feel your excitement,I'm at a crossroad and can't wait till something grabs my interest so that like u I can run with it...
    Hugz bev

  2. Hi girl, beautiful pastel painting of the girl. I do hate that the teacher "fixed" it . she should know better than that. Pastels need to have a matt over it so the painting it's self will not touch the glass. In all my years when I did pastels hot and heavy did I ever fix them, it just changes the freshness of it. Follow your heart with this. Girl you are doing awesome as usual and looking forward to more beautiful work. xxoxo

  3. Monica...I love your art! I love the kitties you made. I took your drawing faces class and it really helped me a, thank you! Maybe, one day, you'll do some more online classes.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!