Tuesday, October 15, 2013


You never stop growing up, I realize that now,
and we all do it at different speeds, nothing is
pushing you to do it, it`s about free will, I like 
growing up but there is no end to it, some days 
you take care of a certain area and then one day you 
remember that there are other areas that you want to 
work on but it`s awesome, life is awesome, if you 
think about it, you should never be bored!

There is so much to do in this life, so much to learn,
to become!  One thing is clear to me, the most important
work you will do, is in your self!  I just hope to be strong
enough to focus on the important things, it`s 
hard for it means to really face those things but at the end
 it feels good to overcome fears, doubts and unsolved stuff,
for then you are left with so much light and brightness
in your heart that all you will do is enjoy and be happy!

Altered book page

Sugar skulls made of fabrics!  Aren`t they cute?  I was inspired by this one
over my pinterest wall but made mine with a Mexican touch with the colors!

Altered book page using tea bags!  
 I love recycling and giving artful
use to stuff I find!

Banana and pecans mini muffins!  Oh my! they were delicious!
I followed this recipe over facebook, I just added pecans to it
and used a small muffins pan as well as a big one!

My spooky wall in my studio!  ;D
I love creatures from halloween and the day of the dead,
they never scare me, they make me smile and I love
creating them, it`s a lot of fun!

Are you getting ready for halloween? I would love to see!
Please share in the comments section!