Saturday, September 14, 2013

Viva Mexico!

It`s been a busy week, I have decided to finally open my studio to
a few students and started teaching live sessions, I love it but
it takes so much of my time and now between my learning sessions 
is a super tight schedule but I have to say I love it, this moment is 
calling for that ans so I most open the door to it!

Here is some of my progress at the art school!  Because my teachers
are guys, they have given me male figures and faces to work with, I
never have tired it before, I use to not like it but after this exercises I
now love it!  I`ve learned so much from this one bellow!  The biggest
issue is the size, they are super large and so I am learning to work with
that format which is not easy for me but I love how it`s developing!
I guess is all about loosing the fear of trying things and embracing new
possibilities, it opens new doors, new dreams, new ideas, a new self.

A watercolor study, I also tried for the first time a nude, I have been reluctant to 
them, I don`t like it, when the teacher gave me the reference I was like, 
NO WAY!  but he insisted, next week we`ll have a real nude model, 
let`s see how that goes!

This is a cover of one of my altered books, the new course I started
in my live sessions at the studio, it`s a lot of fun and it allows so much
exploring!  If you never hear of altered books before, please learn more
about it here and check out my online course including over 20 videos
of techniques and ideas for it! 

Excuse me please!!   
This happens a lot! Lol!

This, in a day of freedom, relaxation and content, with my new aquired
knowledge, I can see I am getting to were I want!

We are in the celebration of our Independence
and so I was invited to sing a few traditional songs
over the art school, I am also taking the singing
workshop and so I share with you one of the songs,
it`s named "Si nos dejan" " If they let us" it`s
very popular over here and I hope you enjoy it!