Thursday, August 29, 2013

Being your self is good for you!

It is amazing how you can never get tired when you are
being your true self, I can stay hours practicing what I am learning
and it doesn`t feel wrong or tired, on the contrary, I am getting a feeling
of peace, of content, of accomplishment and I go to bed with a
big smile on my face and I get up with excitement in the morning!

For this painting I decided to make a study in charcoal first,
and I love the ending result of the final piece which was all made in
watercolors, so soft and delicate it gives me a romantic feel
and those colors came out super interesting!

Here are the scones I was telling you about!
  They are of chocolate chips and blue berries, 
this is the first time I know about them and 
try them, they were great, I tried the regular recipe 
but now I want to experiment with other ingredients
and see how they turn out! 

And here is the update of my art school!  I am having lots of fun 
along with my brother and I keep saying to my self, hoooo!! 
Haaaaa!! and Yeeees!  Lol!!  

  I love the exercises, they are helping me a lot
and making my life easier, it`s actually more fun to create now
and I was having fun already!

And at home I went for this drawing, after so many different exercises at class,
I felt this came out easier than before, me got excited!!  So much practice by my
self is also paying off, my years of studying alone weren`t in vain! On the 
contrary, it made me trully open to all they are teaching me now, I listen vividly 
of to the longing to learn...

For those who are interested in my classes, thank you so much!  I have you in 
my mind, I just want to get better to offer you a super class but yes I will
keep creating my classes for you, just be a little patient please!!  We`ll
have a lot of fun creating together in the near future!!  ;D