Friday, August 23, 2013

Learning, growin` happy!

Art lessons are happy time!  After thinking about it, I decided it
was time to go back to formal studies and so I am having a great
time twice a week as you can see, my brother is also there!  
We are learning a lot and loving it!

I`ll be sharing my advances as I go with you guys, I hope you 
get inspired!  I can`t tell you which technique is my favorite or 
which medium, I love them all!!  Is that a problem? I don`t 
think so, I believe the more you know the better and some
exercises make others easier when you change the medium!

And of course there is still time for art journals and cooking! :D  
those are chocolate-pecans cookies and they fly away as soon as
they come out of the oven!  
I got a new recipe from my mom about
Scones, I didn`t know what they were until she shared with me
this recipe and they are amazing!  They sure came to stay in our
favorite desserts!   

If you are interested, I have a great collection of recipes over my Pinterest
this are desserts and this is food and of course art journals and art! I have
to say I am totally addicted to this site, it`s easy to find your favorite 
things or to find something new, I loooove it!

My latest piece, she`s a result of my art classes, I loved it and I hope
you too!!   I have listed a few of my pieces including this one over

I love you!