Friday, August 9, 2013

The pros and cons of being a self taught artist

Is it easy to be a self taught artist?
Some days I think it is and others I struggle!
So I made this page about it and I want to share
with you my artsy friends who are in the same position!
Please feel free to share your own experience in 
the comments section!

I wrote in my journal that the bright side 
of self study is that it gives you:

A great sense of accomplishment
Self confidence
freedom to experiment
Work and study at your own peace
and I would add that
it also is a great way to learn without pressure!

Then I wrote about the dark side:

doubting your self
lots of errors and trials
some even painful!
demands harder work

I believe life can be described that way, we are
all learning to live, keeping what`s good for us,
letting go of the old ways, embracing new ones
sometimes painfully and some others in total joy!

The truth is that to be a self taught artist and you
want to dream big, you have to have discipline, stamina 
and demands knowing your self and what you want, therefore,
you have to make decisions about what you like and 
what you will change or keep constantly!
This won`t stop one day, it might get easier over the years but of 
course, all  this depends on your dreams but why dream a poor dream
when the universe is so big and our possibilities are endless?

We all want to dream big and make it happen, we all want better lives,
I know I do!  And so I try to practice everyday, study, take courses, 
read about it and of course, I am patient, some days I know what I 
want and some others it`s hard to see the future and were to head to 
but I prefer to make decisions on the bright days, believe me it`s 
a smart thing to do, you won`t regret anything that way!

I had a sweet visit and we painted together! I think I want more of this and so
I am thinking about offering live classes over my studio but haven`t make the
decision yet!  We only fit a few!  I wish I could bring you over my artsy friends!!
The art parties we would have!!

My friend Oumou is African, imported by her Mexican husband who 
felled in love with her and couldn't let her go!  She is awesome and dances
incredible, I am learning a bit but men, it`s hard!
I love this cultural interchange of art!

My friends and I love the drums, I used to study the Djembe, an African drum
 but its hard for  the hands and I am not willing to loose my sensibility 
and make my drawing harder plus it really hurts so I quited! But from time to time, 
the rhythm of it is an embracing force that I love to listen and happily
I join to the beat for a few songs!


  1. "...why dream a poor dream when the universe is so big and our possibilities are endless?" i LOVE your words, monica. i am also a self taught artist, and this blog post inspires me to keep dreaming, trying, and working. thank you!
    (i'm also a big fan of your beautiful work and photos. i'm glad you're living your dream!) ♥

  2. Oh what a beautiful post Moni, I do relate to all u say about being an artist it's all consuming ,would love to be able to visit your studio and paint with u ,to me u are a young Frida so talented..your music is beautiful and love seeing your friends with the instruments...

  3. Great post! Last year I made the decision not to go back to university to complete my visual arts degree and to continue exploration on my own which I'm loving! Thanks for sharing. Love your colours!!

  4. What beautiful art! And the photos of you and your friends drumming is wonderful. That house looks like a fairy tale cottage. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  5. Hi Dear Monica. What a great post. Your blog just keeps getting better and better. I'll always be your fan. I like that you will be teaching classes. Good luck in all your endeavors amiga. ::hugs:: gloria

  6. I liked what you shared. I am trying to learn art too, at this point I can't take classes outside (have 3 young kids)but I am learning online, as much as I can...from you too!! Thanks for sharing with us parts of your life and art.
    For some reason I thought you have a degree in art or something! : ) So you are self-taught too, Being self-taught has a lot of good points about it, you are right.

    I like your live art class/party idea, I would come over , except I'm in Texas , plus you wouldn't want me to bring the kids over , my middle one eats paint...hehe ; )

  7. Question Monica, how do we read your blog starting from the beginning?

  8. I agree so much with what you said about being "self-taught". The doubts at times can be so overwhelming, but I love that I can experiment at a whim! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this! We self-taught artists must stick together! :)


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