Thursday, August 1, 2013

The cheapest journal in the block!

Who said journaling is an expensive duty?
I just found this awesome way to do it with 
cheap supplies!  Well, at least the book is, I
think they are about a couple of bucks!  Then a pencil
and a pen and some watercolor set!!  That`s all I used
to do this beautiful pages! 

And of course, kitty had to try it out too! ;D

I`ve been writing so much I needed a space like this journal and then
 my need of color and drawing something cute abruptly caught me
 and the colors were there so I had to try this crazy idea!

The cool thing is I don`t really care if it`s a good work, I just "drop"
everything in there and add color and this satisfies my need of art-ing for a while!
Next I want to add photos and everyday ephemera, I`ve always loved 
keeping things so this is a good place to do different experiments 
not to mention how cheap it is!! Yippee!! :D

Er... excuse me please...!!

I am taking Joanne Sharpe Doodle class, she`s fantastic, I love her way of teaching,
I haven`t completed the course yet but I`ve learned new things, I love how she
explodes with colors in every page! 
Her style is awesome and it`s hard not to just copy, I always try and 
learn and then add my own thing but I am sure I have a little something
from every teacher I`ve learned from!

I am happy to share that I am working on my first article to be published in
a magazine!! I am super excited and can`t wait to share when this happens,
be patient, it takes a while!  I have been working on that for a while, men,
 I didn`t know it was so much work!! But one that will be worth it, I am sure!

Me happy, super happy
and thankful, super thankful!

I am also learning a lot about cooking! My mom studied for desserts chef
and so I think I got something from her for I love it more and more, 
specially when my loved ones enjoy of all of the home made goodies!
It`s a thrill! I love to change the ingredients to make things healthier!
No other way to eat like that but to make it your self!  Here is my
pinterest wall about desserts if you want some inspiration for cooking!