Friday, July 5, 2013

Please be calm and keep going!

Pleasant mornings for me please!
Nothing like peace! I don`t know about you but
I had to deal with a lot of stress in my life and now
I am learning to be more and more calm, I am finally
getting closer to were I want but I still have to work a lot 
on my self, I`ve learned a few tricks that keep me 
calmed and I am still working on it but for those interested
in reading about how I do it, here are a few things I do,
know that this are very very few things but I hope you`ll
try and see if some fit in your life and may inspire you to 
come up with lots more, if you like, please share a few
of your own tricks that may help me too, I will appreciate it!

Sleep well, nothing like waking up and feeling rested! 
Eat healthy, avoid those food that make you feel weird or heavy!
Do your favorite things, I love painting, making music, reading and cooking 
having walks or going somewhere in the city or out the city, this last
one makes me feel renovated!
Listen to soft music, light up an incense and have a sweet pet, they remind
us of goodness and we have to be surrounded by goodness, add some flowers
and a favorite drink as well!
Breath and be patient, we have learned to live in hurry, so much that
we think it is the normal way of living!  
Rest during the day... some may thing this is crazy but it is actually
not, resting from time to time is good for you, this can be simply
done by taking 5 minutes to sit in a place you enjoy and catch up for your breath.

(She barely fits in her found box! Lol!)

Also allow your self a little craziness!  Let it all out!
From time to time I get this feeling that I have to let out and as I am
a painter, well, I paint to express my self!  Sometimes I find difficulties in the 
technique section but I mostly enjoy my self and I keep on learning!
I`ve already loosened the thought that I should be a perfect painter and this
is the time I am enjoying this the most! I am becoming more free and this 
also includes to be more relaxed! But this is not an easy thing to do,
I still have a long way to go but we all do the best we can right?

I have this large papers and I use them guilt free cause they are super cheap,
they can brake easily so unless you know how to use them I don`t recommend them
but if you do, you know it`s great to work on them, I like to go big sometimes, 
those are happy days but mostly I`ve been working on my journal and can`t seam 
to be able to change for now but part of my goal is to get better and as I have said,
practicing is key to improve and one has to be disciplined to get there right?
See? I can`t let go of becoming better!! Lol!  But then, I also have fun while it!

"A little craziness"  Mixed media on paper

"Out loud" Journal page

"A warrior of my own battles" Journal page

I just have send a few entries to be published... finally!, if it happens, It will
be great, if not, then the excitement was worth it anyway!  
I know it takes time for they to evaluate and decide but I am patient...
 I just thought I am ready, I didn`t think so when a few of you kindly advised 
me to do so but I thought I have to go for it now, I feel it, I wish for it, may it be so!
Blessings sweet friends!


  1. What a lovely post. Enjoyed your photos of your lovely paintings. Great color and expression. Isn't it funny how we have to realize our situations are not always the best for us to be happy. How many of us go from Type A to Type B and find all the hurry, and fury were so stressful and enjoyment can come from the simplest of things. Life is Good, just by enjoying what's at hand with no questions, or expansion. Children's innocence is so normal.
    AND I love your beautiful cat. They do bring so many smiles. Enjoy the things that make YOU happy.

    1. It is true Sylvia, little things can be great things in our lives, it`s just how we see them right? Let us slow down to observe them more carefully and then we`ll be able to appreciate them! Hugs...Moni.

  2. Great true.
    Here here to all of the above.
    Take care

  3. Just what I needed to hear this week. thank you for sharing. Love your insights and your art work. Keep up the good work. <3

    1. Ho, I am so lad to be on time for you! Keep it up sweet! Life is awesome! ;D

  4. I really love your colours and your girls. Gorgeous work and great Advice!Thanks for the reminder :)

  5. Beautiful!! So glad art helps your stress. It does the same for me.

  6. Your artwork is always so full of inspiration and love. It really shines through that you love what you do, that is the best kind of art!
    Your self care tips are all wonderful. The one I like best is to slow down. When I feel myself in a rush, I purposely slow down because that is when mistakes will be made. Drink lots and lots of fresh cool water. Always a nice way to be refreshed and grounded. I like to massage coconut oil into my hands and feet usually while listening to music or watching a tv program. It's like giving yourself a mini reflexology session and is soothing and you get soft skin afterward, hahaha.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Hi Dawn! Thank you for your wonderful tips, I will incorporate the coconut oil into my self reflexology, I love that! Yes, soft skin for me please! I also am learning to cook with virgin coconut oil with great results and new flavors, I`ve read it`s awesome and super beneficial!

  7. Bellissimi ritratti, e adorabile anche il gatto che si gode il sole!!

  8. Hi Moni, my gosh I just love all that light that streams into your new studio! I hope you have settled into your new home?! Sorry I haven't been around lately, going through my own metamorphosis and that is keeping me busy and challenged with new and wonderful things. I love spinning wool now that I have gotten the hang of it on my spinning wheel!
    Hope you are well... we must catch up...

    1. Hi Beth! I`ts great to hear from you, I am so happy to hear you are in the transformation fase, I am sure a wonderful butterfy will arise!! Big gug my friend! ;D

  9. Hi Monica. Just popped in to say hello and enjoyed your post and work. Beautiful as always. Thanks for all the suggestions.. I try to do them always. Oh it's be, Gloria. I changed my profile and blog for now. Too many spammer's on my viva la vida blog. I'll be back to it though. Take care an thanks.
    You can follow me here too.:)

    1. Hi Gloria! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back soon to your fabulous blog! ;D

  10. Beautiful post, thoughtful and true words, delicious paintings and a gorgeous cat, simply delightful x

  11. Love that u sent work off ,know it will be accepted,love the work in this post and kitty in her box lol

  12. All wonderful journal pages Monica!!! My favorite is the "out loud" girl! Very inspiring post!!! I think you covered all the positive things that we can do for ourselves...thank you!

  13. Always great journal pages and just love that you share with us. The kitty is priceless, they can relax any where can't they? I guess a good lesson for us. You are an inspiration for us all my dear. xoxoxo


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