Thursday, May 16, 2013

In the search of being fluid...

As promised I have a couple of pages of the new 
everyday ephemera book I recently made, I hope you
are inspired on making yours!

Now my favorite part is to fill the pages with color,
images and writing!  It`s so tiny it fills up fast but
it`s perfect for those lazy days I just want to go quick
and easy!

I love this page, I will share with you this tiny list i wrote, it
is in Spanish but I will translate for you!

Como cuidar el corazon:
How to take care of the heart:
Be happy, enjoy what I have,
smile a lot, trust
Cook and eat healthy delicious food
Enjoy life with my loved ones
Love life
Watch the sunset

Now, this is a small list but if you are inspired by it,
please add your own idea and make it as long as you 
feel like! What makes your heart feel happy and loved?

Now this are some art journal pages on my beloved Moleskine,
this are not sold over my country so I have to order them and 
pay even more for the sipping to my country, sometimes it`s 
hard to know about this things `cause once you know them,
you have to have them!

We went to the botanical park and loved it, great plants,
great smell and we got to visit the butterfly house were
they are flying free around you and you get to see them up close!

All this was again in Chapultepec, I think is the largest park we have in the
city  `cause we never get to visit it all, only small sections each time we go!

let go,