Friday, May 3, 2013

Everyday ephimera journal book

This book has been made out of everyday ephemera,
I simply have a paper bag over my studio and throw in there
just about anything paper that could be turned into a page 
in this kind of  journals!  

This is a lot of fun to make! You should try it!
You will be making a unique book to journal in
and you will be recycling a lot of stuff that we
 usually call trash and throw away!

Simply get some papers from your everyday life 
that you usually throw away like:

Paper bags
cloth tags
old envelopes
fun catalogs
junk mail
food packages

I use a guillotine to cut the papers that can`t be folded in to the 
chosen size of my book but I let some pages be smaller or larger 
to make it even more fun!

Some papers can be really beautiful!  I choose the best
to make interesting pages, they can be guessoed anyway
but colors are always fun wouldn`t you agree?
You can also add good papers in between for a great
day like a watercolor paper or scraapbook papers
and I think this would be a great gift to someone
who likes to journal!

I make my signatures small and clip them with a cloth pin
while they wait to be sewed, then I use a regular embroidery 
white thread but it can also be of great colors to add more interest!

Now this pages are ready for some journaling, this format
makes me wanna go super loosen and not worrying 
about being a perfect page every time, I can simply
go for it and the pages are so small, they are perfect
for those days I just don`t have much time
or feel a little tired to make a large piece!

 Ephemera is fun, use it to make something with it!
Recycling feels good and it saves money!