Saturday, May 25, 2013

Birds, birds, birds...recycling, painting, enjoying life!

I love birds, they are so inspiring and cute
and now that I have a tree outside my window
I get to see them every day but I wanted more!
So I thought of having bird feeders but as some
of you know I love recycling and so I made one
to learn, I share with you the process but I tell you
that I will be improving this!

I grabbed some  packages that were rounded...

And covered one with a large masking tape, I`ve used my bone folder
for making it super flat!

I used a charcoal pencil to mark a small opening...

And used a cutter to cut, this may be a little difficult for the rounded shape,
you can also do a square!

And added more masking tape to make the opening soft!

Then used a cropadile to attach a wire...

The wire is hidden with the plastic top this bottles come with!

I`ve attached a wooden stick with pressure, then I added a drop
of hot glue to the very opening

I decided not to paint it for the safety of the birds!  That comes first to me!
but I think it looks pretty this way!

I`ve also experimented with one bottle made of plastic!

The results!

Happy birds, a lot of them!
Me... so happy to be able to see them trough
my window, they don`t seam to be able to see
me if I m not too close but my kitty scares them
from time to time! 

When being attached I found out I had to use more wire so it didn`t
swing, I don`t like it but it`s working! I hope to make it better next time!

This inspired me to make this painting about the birds!
I share some close ups for your enjoyment!
There are nine birds, can you find them all?

My kitty has been my muse for a while now, I`ve been sketching her as an 
exercise, it`s hard `cause she keeps moving so much, as well as the birdies
but this also is a good thing so you have to be quick!

I got my self a little treat!  My old watercolor set was a shame so I decided to get
this small set to go out somewhere to paint and a few extras wanted to come too!

There is so much life offers, 
just stay open to all things good,
Love is always there, 
waiting patiently for your heart
to be willing for it!

Have a super week!