Monday, June 3, 2013

Tepoztlán, Morelos

The valley of Tepoztlan is located at 30 minutes from Mexico city,
 a spiritual place were locals create magical and unique art and crafts,
 there is a pyramid located up in the mountain which has to be climbed
by foot only for it is not allowed to build anything, it`s a reservoir
 and it takes about an hour to get up there but when you finally arrive,
 the view is awesome and you feel awesome as well for not quiting!
Believe me I was tempted many times!
I hope you enjoy this little tour around this wonderful place!

At the ice cream shop!  They have a small museum around the ice creams 
with tons of beautiful hand made sculptures form the people of the village
and they have an altar, you can have your ice cream there and enjoy this view!

That`s the mountain we are going to climb and the village!

The entrance to the way up the mountain!

This tree was awesome but ho so big, can`t fit it all in the photo!

Climbing the mountain is beautiful, so much to see around!

Taking a brake to take photos!! Me and my sweet brother!
You can see it was really crowded!

Once there, the view is a great reward!  The weather is beautiful, warm and soft!  
The village down there is the city of Tepoztlán!

Tepoztlán is awesome!

That`s me taking a breath, enjoying the awesomeness!
A great place for meditating!

In our way down, it started raining!  We got super wet but the shops there 
were filled with great goodies, I got to wear new stuff! Lol!  Couldn`t take
 more photos for the water could have ruined my camera and I didn`t
want to take the chance!

Lastly, this is my newest Birdie painting! I love this and how they are coming 
out, I still am fascinated by the birds eating from my recycled bird feeder
I have added a third one and now I have birds all day long which I love!! 

"Sing your Song"
Mixed media on a  9" x 12" fine watercolor paper 

This painting is available over my shop if you love it!
I called it "Sing your Song" because that title involves
many things, as an artist I make a great effort
on having my own voice which believe me is not 
always easy for it takes courage to experiment
 and a lot of dicipline to study and practice!

 Having the Internet is a true open door into many ideas and other 
artists and I consider important to make my own statement, many 
artists paint birds but I think mine are unique because I am adding 
my own feelings, my own techniques and I am not copying anyone,
this of course is a concious choice, a choice to try to stay
 true to my self, even though I am truly inspired  by many wonderful
 artists I have found over the web and I know is truly tempting to
 just copy something I like but at the end, that doesn`t do it for me
 so that`s the story of the title!

Stay true, it`s hard and it takes work but at 
the end the reward is grater, you can look straight
 to anyones eyes and feel good in your heart!


  1. Very good advice Monica. So good to see you having so much fun. That's a great title Monica. "Sing Your Song." Beautiful photos of your journey. Mexico is just a wonderfu place to live in and you are so lucky. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The pictures are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lovely country.


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