Thursday, September 13, 2012

New carved stamps and cards!

I have been carving a lot these days and I can`t seem
to stop, it`s really addictive and fun and I want to share
some of my new stamps!

This lady is the first of hopefully many more, I want to make!

Then this flower is used as a background for this cute card!

Then my brother made this one, he just started to carve and he seems to 
really like it, I loved his Frida and made a couple of stamps to make this card!
He even mounted it on wood!  I am hoping he makes more!

I`ve used a pan for food for the background, I usually use them for my
palettes but this time I loved it and so I`ve cut a piece and tried and yes,
I liked it a lot! You should try it!  It`s also good for adding dimension to 
some pieces like the kitty bellow!

I love this circus! The kitty was inspired by  the collage piece I made for the
card and so I made a stamp of  one cute kitty!

I hope you enjoy my cards and that you get inspired! 
Thank you for visiting!  ;D


  1. I want to be like you when I grow up Monica!!! I juts started stamp carving and your are superb.

    1. This is just about practice sweet heart! Just keep on it! ;D

  2. Monica this is again splendid work. Love your stamps. I make several by my own too and it is really fun to do. I enjoy every time to see your work.
    Lovely greet and big hug

    1. Thank you Marja! I also love to get inspired by your beautiful cards! We should live closer! ;D

  3. Excellent stumps,i want these stumps.Thank you very much share this post with us.


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