Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Viva Mexico!

We celebrated Mexico`s independence day on September 15th
and my family and I usually go out and have a walk in some
fun places, this time we went to Coyoacan, this is were Frida Kahlo
used to live, many people come to walk and taste tons of delicious
Mexican dishes, desserts and goodies!  Here is a peek! ;D

We now enjoy of free bicycles to go around the neighborhood, ain`t that cool?

Even pets were dressed for the occasion! ;D

Delicious bread, my favorite is made of pecans!! 

I loved the paper dolls that were hanging all over!

Awesome advertisement!

They make this out of sugar, it`s lovely to see how they get bigger and bigger!

And the beautiful apples are a super tasty treat!

My favorite ride!! ;D

Of course the guys needed to try this!

I found this cutie pie and had to take a photo, she`s just adorable!

If you aim right you can make this dolls dance! Lol!

I had to try and show the guys who is in charge here!! ;D

A delicious Mexican food restaurant to celebrate our day, its hard to 
decide what to have but thankfully, we have all year to try all of the
dishes! ;D

I hope you enjoyed the photos!  


  1. Hey Monica! Awesome photos and I loved it all. I especially loved your blouse. Tell me where I can order one from, it is totally awesome! You also look beautiful in it. Have a great rest of the week and take care. Thanks.

    1. I`ll check if they still have available for you Gloria! They are sold here! What size? ;D

  2. Beautiful photos and Happy Independence Day to you! I really enjoy learning about other cultures, it is beautiful!

  3. lovely photo's
    greetz jenneke

  4. This are beautiful photos Monica. I can understand that you have a very good time.
    Lovely greet

  5. Thank you guys, I am glad you can see a little about this beautiful city! ;D


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!