Friday, May 11, 2012

my name is Guadalupe

 Painting faces is fascinating, specially when they aren`t 
somebody`s portrait,  it`s like they come to life!

I am still loosening up,  trying new things, and loving it!
This wonderful frame wouldn`t have come to me if I wasn`t experimenting!
I like the Mexican touch on this painting, Love my culture and all the 
beautiful strong colors we use in our clothing and candies and toys, I
am so inspired by them and somehow I have a flavor of them in this piece!

I am loving patterns, it`s so much fun to paint them!
These are made with my own stamps of course!

I hope you are creating beautiful things
 in your hearts and with your hands! 
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  1. Hi Monica, it is always a pleasure to read your messages. And I feel the deeper meaning of many things. Your portrait paintings are so awesome and handsome.
    Lovelu greet and nice weekend

  2. Monica, she is beautiful as you are. Just awesome work. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. She is gorgeous - I love the richness of this portrait.

  4. Oh Monica, she is so lovely ,she looks as though she is dreaming of someone! A lover perhaps1 hope you are well.Rosie.xx


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