Thursday, April 14, 2011

Artful Recycling/From The Kitchen To An Altered Book Page!

I love this idea of recycling and you should too!
You will find you have plenty of material to work
and it will make you push your creativity, plus,
we will help the environment!  

All this can be done easily and with great results
but it will require that we change our minds about
the concept of something being usless:  TRASH

I am offering you one of may ideas that can be
created, push your self and find more!
I hope you enjoy and if created something with 
this, please share with me, I`ll be thrilled to see
your creation and cleverness! :D

A:  Use any kind of plastic bag that is metalic 
inside the package, they feel soft but are very 
resistent! Cut the extremes, they are very hard 
and folded.

B: Cut your design, here I am inspired in a
Mexican craft wich is made of brass and is
used to fame photos or artwork, you can
create a window, a door, a bag to hold things,
the imagination is the limit!
or you are welcome to try this one!

Note: I folded towards the back, take a look 
a the photo for circles and round shapes.

C:  The cool part of this is that it can be pushed 
to create dimension so I drew a design using my
work to be framed as reference, add dots, lines,
flowers, hearts, use a foamy sheet to be able 
to push and a soft metalic rounded tip tool
 to draw... I wonder if some kind of heat 
tool will make it stay better!

Note: Be gentle!  It`s resistant but it can brake!

D:  Now cut the  design in cardboard as well,
this should fit inside the frame, in here you 
will paste your work and this will be 
embrased by the plastic bag...

E:  Doesn`t it looks like a metalic material?
I¡ve cutted the little window, this is the space
to show your work, use a beautiful bacground

F:  Fold and use a tool, like a spoon to help the fold 
stay in  place!

G:  Your background can be protected by a beautiful 
printed acetate to complete your work, paste 
them and fold the bag. 
Note: I`ve pasted the acetate from
the corners only and with a transparent glue.

H:  The wonderful thing about this material
is that it can be sewed!  So I did and I gives
it a fantastic look!  I used a silver thread so
just the feel of it shows, I just went zig zag 
and in some places went straight!

This plastic bag that was meant for the
trash is looking like something I Like!

I:  I also was inspired to try it in a real metalic
sheet, the design will hold better of course
and also used a trasnparent acetate to show 
my design, this I can hang somewere!

J:  This is how they look from the back,
this can be covered by a beautiful paper and
maybe used for a book page separator but 
mine will go to an altered book page!

K:  All of my creations, I tried different sizes
and now I am addicted!

I hope yo try it and enjoy, I leave you now with 
the altered book page, according to your votes wich 
I thank you for, this is something you like as much 
as I do, keep voting for new posts up here!

For a super easy page look like this one, use one color
of acrylic paint and spread it all over your page, then 
add some drops of water, wait for a bit and then remove, 
the water, the paint will be removed and magic appears!

I tried to write on the other page but I have to be 
honest, I don`t like it!  The woderful thing about altered 
books is that this page can be removed and create
 a new one, that easy!

Doesn`t it looks fantastic?

Try my digital downloads for cool unique
ephimera and beautiful backgrounds here!

Have a fantastic day creating and don`t
forget to pay attention to those materials
going to the trash from now on! :D

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  1. Excellent Monica.I loved the step by step process. Sometimes when I buy a grilled chicken at the store, they come in their containers, but they also have paper bags to put the chickens into and the inside of the bag is foiled. To think I threw them away. Well I won't any longer. Thanks for the tutorial, I had fun and plan to try the last page in my journal. Take care.

  2. I am a new follower of your blog...I'm really interested in creating altered art, as well as in using recycled materials whenever possible. Thanks for including stepped-out pics of your beautiful project!

  3. Monica, how neat! I LOVE the way this looks. You always inspire, thank you!!
    happy day


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