Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My messy table after a fun day at the studio!
 Almost every toy came out to play today, Lol!
I have my studio now inside my house, I moved 
everything out from the living room and now I 
enjoy of a huge space!

I love big spaces and streching out as best as I can
and this being my home I can decide what to do with it!
It feel so much better now, I have a great wall to wall
window and have a great light in front of me with 
light all day, beautiful for working with color!

I feel blessed to have this space now and I
am happy working here, I started in a very
small table long time a go and so this is great!

Our HOME has to be the perfect place that
embraces who we are and how we want to live
our days!  Only you can make it your space, your
 palce and you deserve it!

I am my own Home

I make it Beautiful and Happy when I smile

I live gratefull for the amazing opportunity

To BE!

How is your HOME?
Do you enjoy being in your self?
Have you count your blessings today?

Love and Harmony to all!

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