Friday, April 8, 2011

Believe in magic

Each day I am learning  to believe in my dreams
more and more, it`s a matter of trusting Goodness,
this ain`t always easy  but I believe it`s harder not to
 go for what  you trully want!

I used to wonder were FAITH came from, it was
a total mistery when younger and thought of it as
some kind of gift only a few were able to reach!

Now I know, it`s something I do, it`s a powerful force
I put to work by believing!

Beieve in my self

Believe that I deserve Goodness

Believe in the Love of the Universe

Believe life is a Love field were I am growing

Believing and trusting won`t come to you 
one day, you will have to do it one day!

It`s a force in your heart, when your dream
is pure and true, things come easy!

Believe in your self!

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