Friday, April 8, 2011

Believe in magic

Each day I am learning  to believe in my dreams
more and more, it`s a matter of trusting Goodness,
this ain`t always easy  but I believe it`s harder not to
 go for what  you trully want!

I used to wonder were FAITH came from, it was
a total mistery when younger and thought of it as
some kind of gift only a few were able to reach!

Now I know, it`s something I do, it`s a powerful force
I put to work by believing!

Beieve in my self

Believe that I deserve Goodness

Believe in the Love of the Universe

Believe life is a Love field were I am growing

Believing and trusting won`t come to you 
one day, you will have to do it one day!

It`s a force in your heart, when your dream
is pure and true, things come easy!

Believe in your self!

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  1. Monica, this is such a beautiful post. I love what you wrote about believing in yourself.

  2. I too love this message. I think that we are all in partnership with the universe and the universe will do its' part in things and we have to do our part to...whether it is trying out something we are afraid of...or praying...or asking for help...searching for clues...or just waiting...the faith in the process is key.

  3. Beautiful post and message. I hope to hang on to those words. Lovely art pages. Theresa

  4. Hi Monica,
    Is this face done separately, cut out and glued or was it drawn on the page.


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