Saturday, March 5, 2011

Altered book of paintings

I have a new altered book of paintings, this one
is pretty big and it`s great to work like that, the
problem with this is that if you like the work a lot
it can`t be framed but I use it for practice and 
when the years go by I`ll have this to remember
of these days, a diary of paintings and how I 
was doing it at this time!

This is still in process and is taking a rest now, as 
usual, I stop and leave some works to continue 
some other day, it compleatly changes the perspective
but I love it so far!

What are you doing for the weekend? 
Here is an idea...grab some art
tools and get creative, maybe start a new altered
book and keep it as a diary too? Any medium/ technique
can be added, it is so freeing you won`t believe it!
with this intoduction!
 I promise you it will make you happy! :D

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