Friday, March 11, 2011

How to transfer images!

I want to share with you one of my favorite techniques
I use in my studio to have fun! It is versatile and you 
can use your favorite images!  I hope you enjoy it and try it!

What you need:

All of your favorite colors, you can use any medium
that make you happy! I use water soluble media, mostly
acrylics, my favorites!

An image to transfer printed in a tissue paper,
it can be in color or black and white,
here I use one of my digital collage sheets
A whimsy day!

how to print them? 

Easy!  Simply spray some mount spray adhesive
on the upper part of a regular paper, after 5 minutes,
(wait until is sticky), place  the tissue paper 
on top, after printing will be removable,
don`t have any spray?  You can use a tape!

You will also need a background in to were you 
are going to do your work, here, I`ve used acrylics
to make this one in a watercolor paper but you could
use an altered book, a journal page, a canvas...

You will need some kind of gel medium to paste your
image into the background...

Add the medium onthe background and on top of 
the image, with your brush, push out the air bubles, 
they love to hide down the paper! :D

Then you can start adding some paint around the paper
to integrate the image in to the background, I`ve used 
acrylics again for they really cover!

Using the same colors of the background, start to blend
the paper with it, isn`t this fun? :D

Are you alredy blending those colors? 

My last color is white and it blends it all together
and softens the colors...

Now I add the lower part of my background wich is
were my doll is walking! The tissue paper is really 
strong because of the medium on top and it holds
really well!

In this state, I`ve sprayed some drops of water on top of 
the last coat of paint, can you see them?  Wait for 
three minutes or a bit more and then...

Place a fabric on top, it can be an absorbant paper 
as well, I use my hands to go all over it and remove 
the drops!

Ans this is how it came out! Isn`t it fantastic?
I love it! Now you can get to paint your subject
with more colors!

this part is fun, she`s coming to life!
features can be changed or simply add
color to them!

I wanted to keep going so I added more 
collage papers and more paint with some
rubber stamps, It`s hard to stop when you 
are having fun!
My sister says I say the word fun a lot!
But it`s what life is all about, a blessing
to enjoy and be happy!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you feel
like it, visit my digital collage sheets page
and check them out!  
Happy creative day!
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  1. Monica this is dramatically exciting! Thank you for this tutorial; the way you've broken it down into small steps along with the photos just makes it seem doable. Thanks so much generous friend.

  2. Thanks Monica. Great tutorial. I'll have to print out the tutorial and follow the instructions. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hello, teacher and friend, extraordinaire!!!! Great post!! I am going to go try it soon! Just finished teaching another college course and could use another doll, so I want to make another now! Love and kisses, Amy

  4. Really FUN watching her come to life Monica! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wonderful tutorial, thank you.
    Is this tissue paper the thin kind that we wrap gifts in?

    Your art came out beautifully!

  6. Thank you everyone, I am glad you enjoyed!
    I haven`t tried the tissue paper of the presents but I think it could work as well, why don`t we try and see Tammie! :D

  7. what kind of tissue paper is this? I love how your piece turned out, wonderful!

  8. Hi Tammie! In here I`ve used those that come between acetates, they are already in the size of a printer paper so I foudn them useful but I think you can try any kind of tissue paper, it will be the same thing unless it`s too light but the medium heplps it a lot in resisting all the media on top! I hope you try and enjoy! :D

  9. This is a new technique for making a transfer. Thank you so much.

  10. Thanks for Tutotial!
    Are you using a laser print or inkjet print?

    Thank you
    Warm Regards
    Mariette xox

  11. Lovely. I am using this as inspiration for a canvas I am starting this weekend.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!