Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making Art Is A Decision

I used to be one of those who said
I didn`t have time to make more art,
that my life was too bussy and that I 
could make art only for a few hours.
But this hours were the most expected
hours of my days so it became clear 
to me that:

we live by our decisions
and make them happen,
we are in control of our lives
and decide what is best for us
We choose to pursuit 
our goals or let them pass by!

I had to figure out what I wanted by trying things,
taking courses, learning and trying techniques
sometimes painful others pure delight but 
 then again, life is a process....
A continious learning process
wich by the way, we also choose
to love or not.

Here are some of my journaling pages were
I`ve been practiciing, this time
I have added new elements to my drawings
wich I am loving!!  I hope you enjoy! :)

She has a paper dress...

I am also very happy with the hands and feet
of my drawings,
I usually skept this areas for it is hard!!

But as everything,
It`s only practice!! 

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