Saturday, January 29, 2011

When I`m cooking...

I love cooking but if I didn`t have to 
 I wouldn`t! Lol! I was laughing at my self 
the other day for all I wanted was to finish my 
cooking so I could go and keep on studying and 
so I drew that, I am loving my new journal pages for 
they are quick and easy, this inspiration came 
from a wonderful online  workshop I took from 
Stephanie Ackerman

How do you do-odle!  Ho, I loved it and 
I am incoporating that in to my journaling 
as well as what I`ve learned with

in Calligrafun!

I dream of writing beautiful and this two 
workshops helped me a lot in having fun 
to write!  I am still far from being a 
profesional calligrapher and I am not looking 
for that, all I want is to have fun!!
I used to be terrified about hand writing in 
my work but that is all gone!

Have you noticed my new banner and button?
 Is my hand writing mixed with photoshop! :)
I love it! 
Now, I am having dreams of a graphic designer! Lol!

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