Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photo festival!

Hello beautiful blogers! Today is a beautiful 
day here in Mexico city and I am getting
really bussy for this bright days inspire me,
listening to beautiful birds singing outside 
welcoming the almost here spring days!

Some of the trees are naked now but soon they will be 
 dressed up with beautiful fresh leaves, I just can`t wait
but I also love this view!
Here is my studio now, a bit messy as you can see... :)

And a few of my latest sketches, some are invented
faces and some are portraits, can you tell the diference?

I also love cute dolls, they facinate me
and I spend a lot of time creating them!

Charcoal, pencil, color... Haaaa, heaven!

And this one is the latest of the collage and
 paint series I`ve been playing with, I 
really enjoy the process of each new one
 and keeps me learning!

And to finish the photo gallery parade I share some of the
dolls I am working on for my latest online workshop,
mixed media art quilted dolls,
my fashion and textile background is coming to the
surfice and I am loving it! 

I hope you are inspired!

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  1. I love your studio too and of course your paintings.

  2. I never get tired of looking at your art! Your sketches are amazing (as always) and those eyes...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. ~there is something so beautiful within the bare and silent moments of winter but when the earth begins to stir once more and life starts budding and blooming...it truly sets my heart singing!!! gorgeous picture above and your drawings just the same...if only more would stop and see all the beauty that surrounds them!!! much love light and blessings~

  4. Your sketches are so amazing!! And your painting is lovely too! What a talent you are! :)


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!