Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It`s been a while since I discovered I loved drawing
and it`s amazing how one can keep on learning and learning
tricks and techniques for this art,
only on the web, one can find a lot of
sites that share a lot to learn
and so I decided I was going to open a couple of groups
in the ning site I currently host so we could all benefit from it
if you would like to join us and share with us here is the link to it:

Pencil drawing techniques at Hands and Heart
(No longer up)

There will be excercises for beginners and more advanced and you can add
links and videos or anything you think it could help the group improve their drawing skills!

In the mean time I share with you my latest work with pencil
I had a great time applying new technques I`ve been sutdying and 
I hope you enjoy the step by step process!

Free hand drawing it`s always a challenge but
the best way to improve is to go ahead and practice!

A work like this takes a few days...

And a lot of patience!

But if you love it, then you get lost in those hours!

The kitty was the most challenging for me,
each little hair called for persistance and great effort!

But it`s all worth it!
 She could have more work
in the future but for now, I am happy with my effort!

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