Sunday, April 3, 2016


Together we travel the rivers of life, 
discovering the amazing in us, in others, in the universe.

How wonderful it is to be able to be a witness of a little part,
piece, slice, that one mind can acknowledge, it really is a treasure.
Can you imagine to witness the whole picture?
Those are the kind of things in my mind. :)

For each of us is different, no one sees the world like you or 
me and that makes it even more special, that is how 
I undestrand we are all unique, the things each one understands
about life is what makes us different from others and in 
some cases, that is the cause of trouble too, we should learn 
to respect the differences and even try to learn from them, 
we could grow in consciousness because of being open 
to listen, probably that is the reason why life gave us 
relationships, to share those differences.  Sometime this 
sharing hurts and others feels like a blessing, in any case, 
one always wins, lessons are learned, life is ejoyed.

Learning from our relationships doesn't mean we should allow 
rudness or them trying to convince us that what they think 
is the truth for everyone and we shouldn't try to convince
anyone about our beliefs but that is a hard task thinking globally,
it has to be done individually for religion, politics and so
would´t agree with this for other reasons but how wonderful
 it is to not have walls, be open, to witness, to share, to grow,
expand. To me, that is love, that is growing in consciousness.

Life is a dream of the spirit
when the spirit awakens, the spirit knows who she is
others may tell her how to awake but only she
shall know when the time has come for it
and then, it´s all work, to be awaken and to stay awaken,
this is not an easy task, if there is a reason for it, it shall
be that this path is only for those who are true.

I am love
and love is what I do
like the ocean, 
wild and free
deep and unsolved.
I am heart
and embrace is what I do
for if I don't 
I am not true.

Life is an empty canvas,
life is pure and noble,
life is here for you,
life embraces us,
life is love,
life is 

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