Sunday, March 20, 2016

Life is a blessing


adjective. being reborn; springing again 
into renascent being or vigor.

Life is awesome but is also a constant challenge, 
so many things cross our way and we cross on the
 way of others making me believe it is also a miracle
 to live, to have conversations and just to share life.
Therefore we should constantly reborn, every day, 
to a new day full of possibilities and chances to
do it better, like spring, like new years, like new mornings.

I love words and how they connect us to a certain meaning 
of something, words, they can be true, they can lie, they can
 hide something and they can be healing, words can
 mean so much and words can be empty.  

It´s my hope to grow towards the truth,
 in my heart, in my words.

This word, renascent, what does it bring to you? 
How could you apply it in your current life moment?
This is my word now, this week, I will be thinking about it
and I share it with you here, maybe we can learn something from it.

How many gifts from life are you receiving now 
that you can name, or even better, make a list! 

That`s my spread about this time, focusing on my 
blessings, once you get started, you will see that
it´s hard to stop, then, a heart full of gratitude is born.

This is what I wrote but I am sure I will keep on it
longer, a beautiful exercise to keep your self happy:

Blessings from the sun and it´s warmth,
blessing from the birds and their song,
blessing from the trees and the air,
blessing from life and it's natural joy,
blessing from music and it's connection to the divine,
blessing from loved ones and their smile,
blessing from friends and their love.

How much we miss if we don't put attention to what really matters!

Stamina, I love that word, sounds great for what it means,
were or how stamina is born? Is that our spirit? 

Still thinking about happiness, what it is, 
were it comes from, how to stay there...
These are my beliefs about it now and I gladly share 
them with you hoping it may help and inspire you 
somehow, this may be improved later on life, hopefully.

To stay happy shouldn't be a dream, it should be a task.

Some put a lot of effort in their careers, or in making tons of
 money and prestige, having the things they think are 
the good ones to have a wonderful life but I know of many 
that haven't find true happiness even after reaching all this.

That is sad and scary!  But we are educated to think this 
way, everything in our society points there and how the misery
 of not getting it will finish you, it's not a direct information 
about it but  a subtle voice, running under our skin and guiding
 us towards strange places in our souls, all of this in 
the pursuit of happiness.

When you give things the power of your joy you are 
hopelessly falling into that place were depression will rise 
for sure, things don't have that power, things are just to be used,
 enjoyed for a while but happiness or a well state of being 
has to be born inside consciously.

The better you understand this, the better you will create it for 
your self but for that you have to dedicate some time to understand it, 
but have you really taken the time to do it? 

First know if happiness is what you are looking 
for and what does it mean to you? 
This is not the same for everyone and you should 
know  what it is to you.

Really have a talk with your deep self, write about it, discuss it,
 art journal about it, here are a few questions you could ask 
yourself to help you with it, take time to receive the answers, 
they will come but please, listen carefully and take notes.

I write this for my self as well, I also take a look from time 
to time to renovate my feelings about what I do and what 
I want to live.

What is happiness for me?
Is it a feeling?
Is it something I create?
How is it born?
Were is it born?
What does it depend on?

Happiness is also a sign of maturity, you achieve this knowledge 
by growing and learning, or for some of us, it is like that, 
this understanding is a consequence.

That doesn't mean you can't love things or feel happy for them 
but it is important to know the source of your happiness and 
know that you own that source.

I made a spread about some things I heart, up here,
there are so many wonders in the world, focusing on them 
can help in you feeling happy all the time, even though we 
face many things in life, we can do what makes us happy 
and learn and grow while we do them, for me, one is journaling 
or should I say "scrap-journaling" how can I call this new way of 
journaling that it's taking shape in my studios? Perhaps in yours too?

I´ll be off for some
time, vacations!, See you soon! ;)

Happy week!

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