Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mistakes, the way to perfection.

Artist don't really know were we are going exactly with each 
work but maybe that is part of what makes us artists.

We dare to go and find out! 

We make it happen, we discover, 
we invent, we create the path, by trying new ways 
of doing things and by trying, we make a lot of mistakes.

In a culture were mistakes are usually taken wrongly, I am here
 to tell you that the way to learn is to make tons of mistakes! 

There is no way out of this if you want to improve, 
many stay in the comfort zone because of that, it can be a very
 long road to experiment and accomplish but it also keeps you fresh,
 excited and wondering how things will turn out. The best of
 trying and experimenting is knowing that mistakes are
the real teacher, specially if you are self taught like my self. 

Just know that it will all come out wonderful, you will 
have more experience, you will overcome fears and
 if you keep going you'll meet a better and improved you!

We a here to evolve, that is part of our nature, why not 
do it consciously, without fear, knowing that life 
is a process and that it all takes time to develop.
I also have to remind you and my self that is in us 
 to do it softly and lovingly.

We are all warriors
who´ve come so far,
we are here today,
living this day,
the spirit is strong,
we overcome tests,
ho, how we fail,
while we define,
and find,
while we
travel the self
and reach the divine.

What is happiness?

A state of mind, one that you create,
find those things that help you with it
but know that it comes from you,
or you become it, always keep the
power of knowing this, you,
the spirit, the self is who holds 
happiness, love and beauty,
you can tap into all that and more
 any time you decide to do it consciously. 



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