Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chasing dreams

I am sure that for many it ain´t easy to read the a map of your self
 and your life, to really know what you want, for that would take to know 
your self deeply and greatly and I think that is a task that may have no end.

I often found my self in the same position, I wondered were should go 
in my life journey, there are so many wonderful things to choose from 
and there are great risks in taking them, or at least, it appears to be so.
Then how to know if something is for you? 

To me, it all comes to a decision after listening to your true self, 
what you like and what you want to develop in you.  
To me it wasn't easy, when I was a teen, I had to take care of my 
self since very young, I was alone, no family, no adults around and 
had no guidance except for that in the spirit and my self, but something 
amazing happened, I now know it was something special for what I
 know about other people or maybe, I didn´t take my self
for granted! This question inside me kept popping,
asking -were are you going?-

This started to happen a lot until I listened.
 There comes a time in our lives when we have to take courage and
make decisions for no one else will make them for you!

In that time I decided that music was like nothing else, that what I felt
with it was very special and so I decided to walk that path, first
with an idea of what it should be, later, I have been refining my idea
and making it better, bigger, brighter and more peaceful, we can keep on 
the same track and still grow!! No one told me this but somehow I 
have managed to learn it with the years,  and so when I was
more comfortable I added a second field, the arts!

Over here in Mexico city, is so big and with so many different kinds of
education but not a lot in the art field, we are not encouraged to create
or to think that it could be a way of life but I was born this way, 
my favorite toys were coloring books! When I grew, something in my 
heart loved the idea of transferring my "visions" in to something tangible.  

I first learned to meditate with soft music, then with guided visions, 
I loved them, they were amazing to me and this is what first inspired 
me learn to draw and paint better, later on I understood what it 
would take for me to get to the point of being able to paint those 
visions... I think I am barely beginning! :D  But I still enjoy were
I am and how it all this fills my heart.

 Fortunately, now that some years have passed, I know I was right, 
walking towards a defined direction had payed off, 
I feel happy that I followed my dreams, even when
 I didn't know if I was doing the "right thing",  according to 
the society I live in, inspite my fears and doubts,
the voice of my spirit was heard and I now feel I honored my self 
and nothing feels better than that, so take a deep listen to your own spirit, 
silence fears and doubt by daring to go were you decide, there is a 
 voice inside that is true to you, that is a fact.  Start were you are
now, everything has a beginning, right now you are in the right
place to get started anything you want! 

Know that if you choose not to follow, weird things happen, 
it's better and more honest to follow your voice, it will take you to
 happiness and to really satisfy the truth in your soul.

Have you ever had this voice told you to do something you didn´t
believe it was right, just to learn after you went the other way
 that the voice was right?

Some more of the new art journaling I created, this is 
so much fun now, I am having a wonderful playtime right now!
I´ve been creating new whimsical characters and also using 
old work, printed, cut and pasted for some pages.
Still trying calligraphy ideas, some are ugly but I use them
anyway, it´s also a record of the process of were I am now
with all this!

How do you storage your stickers? I have found this magazine stand 
very useful, besides the folders with plastic separators, this is handy! :)
Share yours please!!

My latest acrylic work.

Feelings out, 
as shapes, 
as colors in my palette,
they all remind me of beauty,
of love
and how much I want to hold
the very true of my soul.

All the magic that had to happen for us to be here, 
sharing, connecting, expressing...
it´s just amazing!

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